What is the Spark! Contest?

So I know what it is... but what do I need to do?

Phase 1 - The Concept: In 500 words (one page), tell us about your innovation and how you believe it will disrupt the Franco-British energy sector and help us achieve net zero. Whether it be untapped energy sources or efficiencies in building management and construction, provide a holistic overview of your idea and tell us why you think it's the best!

Phase 2 - The Plan: In 10 pages, further your one page idea, telling us about the technology underpinning your idea, identifying your potential market and it's competitors. Think of this as the basis of a business plan that you'd be willing to pitch to some dragons...

Phase 3 - The Pitch: Pitch your idea to our dragons and show them why your innovation is the next big thing!

What are the rules?

Team of 2 or 3

Studied, studying or currently living in the UK or France



Teams of 2 or 3

2022-23 Contest Timeline


The Spark! 2020-21 - French Ambassador's Residence - London UK


The Spark! 2018-19 - British Ambassador's Residence - Paris FR