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Spark! offers a stage to a new generation of global energy champions and provides an audience of prolific industry leaders to promote and encourage their growth. Delivered over 3 phases, the contest enables entrants to cultivate a single idea into a fully fledged business proposal.
This year's challenge:

What's your innovative idea to contribute towards Net Zero?
Every industry needs to play its part, what could your industry do?

What does your team need to do?

Phase 1 - The Concept: In 500 words (one page), tell us about your team's innovation and how it will contribute towards Net Zero. We are open to innovations of any type and scale: it could be anything from helping schools eat less meat, to making all money digital, or making all cars 3 wheeled.

Phase 2 - The Plan: With support from your assigned industry mentors, transform the idea into a 10-page business case outlining how the innovation works, the potential market, and its contribution towards Net Zero.

Phase 3 - Dragons Den: Pitch your innovation to our dragons and show them why your innovation is the next big thing!

What are the rules?

Team of 2 or 3

Studying or working in the UK or France



Teams of 2 or 3

2023-24 Contest Timeline


The Spark! 2020-21 - French Ambassador's Residence - London UK


The Spark! 2018-19 - British Ambassador's Residence - Paris FR

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