The Spark! Contest develops and encourages young people to play a part in the UK and France journey to becoming zero-carbon
Uniting the leaders of today with those of tomorrow.

Founder - Nicholas Morris

The Spark! contest creates a fun and competitive environment fostering a Franco-British community of clean energy professionals, bringing together industry leaders of today with those of tomorrow.

The world continues to race into a climate emergency and if we aren't looking ahead then we will soon fall behind. We believe that there is no idea too big or small and who better to change the world than those who will inherit it. 

Spark! challenges the next generation to have the courage to make us think different and inspire us to act with a conscience.




The Spark!


Matt Lockwood

Executive Director

Matthew has been with us since the dawn of Spark! as an entrant to the inaugural contest. Having risen through the committee ranks he is now steering the ship.

Ronan Tanguy


Ronan is one of the committee's Franco-British members and is in charge of the finances ensuring each year we provide value for money for entrants and sponsors.

Hannah Fenwick

UK Business Development

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Benjamin Govier Moore

Communications and Media

Ben, a previous Spark! winner, takes care of our marketing and communications ensuring Spark! continues to inspire innovation and create opportunity.

Amaury Ponsaa-Royal

French Engagement

Amaury, our most fashionable member, energises our French young professional community in becoming more involved in Spark!